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Cory Michelle
YOU, Unicorn!
Where you can get clear, become congruent and
receive everything you ask for!
...Because every gap is simply 
showing you what is possible for you!
Hello gorgeous!

Awareness of what is possible for you can be daunting, when it's not showing up fast enough. Whether it's a gap in business creation, money flows, relationship desires, or consciousness, it can seem like maybe it's not possible, especially when you've done tons of programs and read all the books.

As someone who has big vision, I know how it feels to be stuck, blocked, stagnant or be doing everything 'right' and not seeing the results actualize fast enough.  

I was there, struggling with a vision of making a difference in the world and the gap of being $150,000 in debt. 

Frustrated, depressed, and quite frankly, just pissed that I couldn't figure out HOW I could bridge the gap and live true to my vision.

After 20 years of searching, diving into everything I could find, and experimenting on myself. I've created a simple process that bridges the gaps so that you can know how to create anything at any time.

The solution to this or any gap is
not more work and hustle, being hard on yourself or forcing things, it's quite contrary to what we are taught. 

When I began teaching this process to my clients, they began to quantum leap in their lives, then everything they desired began to show up, and living this was organic, natural, even seems too easy at times.

I've assisted thousands of brilliant, magical people in their journey to awaken and activate their inner knowing of HOW to create their lives beyond their imagination....their crazy possible lives, in this organic way, the way that is truly the essence of how you create.

I use what I believe to be the magic wand of creation, energetic priorities they harmonize your consciousness like a tuning fork so that energy and actions  become harmonious,  and your choices create momentum.

It's kinda like balance, once you get it, you cannot un-get it, and you can repeat it for anything.

My question for you today, would you like assistance in bridging your gaps so that you can be living a life that lights you up? 
Where you can get clear, become congruent and
receive everything you ask for!
You'll see below real changes below, what is possible for you?
Ok, what did you guys do to me? Everything's going my way!!!
Missi, USA
Join us in the Next 
Starts May 5, 2019
Where you'll discover:
  •  Everything that’s ever held you back and release it like magic?
  •  Resolve what is causing your inner conflict, for good!
  •  Have clarity with your future and choices now.
  •  Become streamlined with your awareness, being and choice, and allow the universe to start creating for you.
  •   How you uniquely create, so that gaps don't stop you, they simply give you the possibility of what is next!
The Art of Living Crazy Possible is for:
  •  Driven, Brilliant people who know they can live their dream life
  •  Intuitive by nature
  •  Energetically Sensitive (AKA Aware!)
  •  Know more is possible but 
can’t seem to create it
  •  Have had Gaps for more than 
2 years
  •  Experienced the ‘flow’ but want it to be 24/7
  •  Tried everything, but still don't know how to consistently create your life.
10 week online course where you'll bridge your gaps,
finally putting the end to confusion, self-sabotage,
and inner conflict and ignite your KNOWING of how you can create
anything in your life!

Why change your life when you can create a new one?
"I love the way this course is set up, it's like a guided process that takes you through each place where you are screwing yourself, unscrews you, and has you leap into what you've always desired with so much ease, then sets you up with flying lessons so you can soar."
From $0 income to $10k,
I hit my target!
Jennifer, Wisconson
Everything started working like magic!
Delaney, Australia
I learned to trust myself
& everything changed!
Tiffany, Florida
You'll learn,  how to optimize your energy and get into the zone so that you can create more in less time with ease.  And have less distractions and frustration so that you create your crazy possible life.

Each of the elements laid out in the video are included in this course! 
9 LIVE Video Modules : All Downloads
Energy Clearing Audios : Playsheets

Participants have reported that this course is no-fluff and pure magic.  
You'll get access to online lessons that will set you up to go beyond your current reality, access to processes that allow you to discover exactly how you create with the universe. 
2. Begin to apply the techniques that same day and notice the difference
Schedule in your weekly activities that will transform your life, such as, your daily visualization that will prime your mind for success, supplements to help alleviate stress & fatigue & strategies to obliterate self-doubt
3. Discover Your Blueprint of your Crazy
Possible Future
As you move through the course, continue crafting your crazy possible life, documenting what's working and what is not.
Join the exclusive "Art of Living Crazy Possible" Facebook community, ask questions, share your wins or challenges & receive support from an encouraging
& supportive community
5. Relax and listen as you become congruent
Tune in daily to the Future Activation Audios to reinforce your new life so that the universe is receiving a clear message of what you are having now.

NOW, LET's walk through the elements of discoveriung
how you uniquely create
The end to people pleasing & start to truly choose for you
In this module you'll unpack the aspects to how you are trying to belong, fit in, people please so that you bring unconscious patterns to the forefront and create a new reality where YOU are the chooser, you are your priority. 
Clearing clutter from your past
Stories from the past creep in and we can often find them lingering unconsciously in our world.  When the past clutter is there, it's hard to gain clarity and truly step into your new life.  You'll unpack your past stories, and clear your clutter for good so that the old stories are no longer interesting.
I want this, but do that...
Self-sabotage is the #1 reason people are not congruent, but it's typical and not helpful to judge yourself and try and force your way out of it.  
This module introduces a powerful concept and process to bring unconscious patterns of conflict to the surface and quickly eliminate them.  You can breath easy as you are about to stop the internal battle with yourself.
Totally new way to discover what's important to you
This module is a client favorite!  We flip the script on priorities that don't work and you'll discover what really lights you up.  If you're someone who has a hard time saying what you want or even getting clarity, this module will be a game changer for you.  What if you don't function like everyone else?
The universe's language is energy
Your ability to tune into and perceive energies is one of your greatest assets.  But have you been taught how to use energy, as awareness to create your future?  To know what to choose?  To have everything you ask for actualizing?
This module is the opening stargate for igniting your awareness, intuition with energy and how to create your life with it.  PS - this is where more EASE shows up!
If you resist goal setting, we got you!
Another flip of the script.  If you've learned to set goals from conclusions (like I need x $ so that is my goal) and it has not worked, I'll share with you a process that will have you tune into setting targets in a totally different and empowering way that will assist you in hitting ALL your targets!  How fun will that be??
Learn how to ask the right questions
Ask & Receive is a universal principle, when you are using it correctly, you can receive everything you ask for. In this module you’ll discover what kinds of questions to ask, and how to use them with your new priorities and targets in everyday life.
Knowing exactly what choices create
Come out of unconscious programing and decision making and step into following the energy and choice. Removing the wrongness of past choices and tap into what is possible right now, following the non-linear awarenesses that arise.
Following through all the way (with ease!)
Following through when you aren't clear can be frustrating and you can be easily discouraged and distracted.  But when you discover the 5 essentials to choosing to live Crazy Possible and to having a life beyond your imagination, you can unlock the potency of you.  See what is possible when you use them to your advantage and it becomes easy to follow through on every one of your desires.
Art of Living Crazy Possible Online Course Includes:
 Art of Living Crazy Possible Course
  - 9 pre-recorded video sessions
  - Process Activation Sheets
  - MP3 Downloads
   ($2,997 Value) 
That you do all by yourself..... 
What makes this different from a typical self-study program?

Instead of having to go through 9 modules plus the bonuses you'll find below
All by yourself (boring right??),
 we have created a unique success acceleration environment.  

We know 80% of people won't finish
an online self-study course by themselves,
and that is not good enough for us.

We want you to actually finish the course, bridge your gaps AND be living your #newlife!

So, I've created a unique way for you to experience this course, you'll 
feel like it's a LIVE course AND you will 
have support without the 5 figure price tag.

Not to mention that I have incorporated an accelerated learning model, that allows you to gain access to your capacities for having the
universe respond to your desires.

To accelerate bridging your gaps(as you'll see below) you'll receive extensive support, community, inspiration and cheerleaders, cheering you on!  

You will be surrounded by people who want to see you succeed!

With our active private Facebook group, and your 3 Crazy Possible Coaches, live coaching sessions and if you choose soon, you can receive one of the Future Possibility Sessions to activate your new future!

To ensure your success!
24/7 Coach in your pocket!
This particular course has 3 crazy possible coaches chosen and trained by myself.  They are brilliant, magic and work with energy in amazing ways.  They will be on the watch parties with you, in the Facebook group and checking in on you midway through the course.  Your Future Possibility Session will also be with one of them!  Value $1000
Watch Parties are where it's at!
80% of people don't view course material on their own.  We know, for many unicorns it's just boring.  So we've created an alternative, we show the videos live streamed as watch party right into Facebook!  So all you have to do is put it in your schedule and pop on Facebook!  Engage like it's a live class.  AND, you'll have support from your crazy possible coaches on every watch party.  Never be alone through this process.  Value: Increases your success
Stuck?  Old patterns rearing their heads?
Or maybe you have questions you'd like to clarify with a coach live?  No matter your question, from old patterns to clarification, we have set up 8 live group coaching sessions for you to jump on and receive!  These are 100% part of why this course is so successful.  Use them liberally!  Value: $2,376
Community Support
Stories from the past creep in and we can often find them lingering unconsciously in our world.  When the past clutter is there, it's hard to gain clarity and truly step into your new life.  You'll unpack your past stories, and clear your clutter for good so that the old stories are no longer interesting.  Value: priceless
Be Inspired!
As Napoleon Hill says - surround yourself with people that uplift you!  That's what we've done, not only will they uplift you they will inspire you!  And you'll quite possibly inspire them too!  This is a win-win combo that allows everyone in the course to receive from each other, which in turn, expands your possibilities.
Value: Priceless
Your space to play during the course
Our private Facebook group is literally a playground of possibilities!  You'll be inspired, be able to contribute to others, cheer classmates on, ask for assistance, share your wins, and so much more.  This is truly a space where you can get help even if you're shy.  We contribute to everyone ❤ cause no one needs to be having a hard time for more than 5 minutes ;-) . Value: Priceless
Energy infusions while you sleep
Wouldn't it be great to be able to have activations at your fingertips that reinforce what you are stepping into?  Well I thought so too!  So I've created a brand new wave of activations that are kinda like meditations that activate and reinforce what you just learned.  These activations are helpful to boost your energetic congruency making it easier to bridge your gaps.  Value: $243
Access to the graduate community
We are proud of the space of celebration and  non-judgment that we have cultivated with our clients and our Crazy Possible Culture.  It truly is amazing to see how a group of people can contribute to each other from all walks of life all around the globe.  We ❤ our grads!  Value:  Priceless
Knowing exactly what choices create
Come out of unconscious programing and decision making and step into following the energy and choice. Removing the wrongness of past choices and tap into what is possible right now, following the non-linear awarenesses that arise. Value: $250
With all the Bonuses totaling a value of over $7607!
Closes soon:
  • ALCP COURSE: Includes 9 module online video class, scheduled watch parties, worksheets, audio downloads of the modules.
    + Crazy Possible Facilitators available for questions in the Private Facebook Community and on the watch parties.
    + View on your own or WITH course-mates
    ($2,997 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #1:  8 Live Group Coaching sessions, plus recording so you can ask any question you desire to assist you in gaining clarity and congruency. ($2000 value)
  • COURSE BONUS #2: RECORDED Coaching sessions x 4 ($1,000 Value) "These are so helpful and touched exactly what I was going through."
  • COURSE BONUS #3Life Evaluation Class - Get clear on where you are now. You need to know what you've created so that you can quantum leap!
    ($247 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #4: Congruence 2019 - Cory's latest session where you get to let go of the past for good on all levels and expand into your future energetically, feel it, be it, receive it all now.  
    ($297 Value) 
  • COURSE BONUS #5: Magic with Finances Class - Deep dive into working with your money, financials and clearly creating your financial reality!
    ($297 Value) Delivered as last session.
  • COURSE BONUS #6: Private Community Facebook group for 24/7 contribution and support. PRICELESS, for real!
    ($500+ value).
  • COURSE BONUS #7: When you are one of the first to register, you'll receive a 30 minute private 1-on-1 Signature Future Possibility Session™ with one of the Crazy Possible Coaches.
    ($257 value).
     "My Future Possibility Session was powerful, and clarified a few things, I feel so congruent after!".
    Set up after Module 6 is complete.
  • COURSE BONUS #8: Energetic Activation Audios - BRAND NEW Creation, kinda like a meditation/hypnosis that activates the energies of your future to allow you to move beyond blocks and step right into your future.  One for each module included (9).
    ($243 value).
  • (Total Value: $7,788 USD) 
Gain Immediate Access To:
  •  First 3 modules
  •  First Recorded Coaching Session
  • Congruence 2019 2.5 hour blastoff session!
  •  Life Evaluation  
  •  Supportive, contributory, active and FUN Facebook group
  • Including online class, playsheets, audio downloads, Future Activation Audios
    + Crazy Possible Facilitator available for questions in the Private Facebook Community 
    + View on your own or WITH coursemates
    ($2,997 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #1: LIVE Question & Awareness sessions x4
    ($1,188 Value) Receive support on your specific questions!
  • COURSE BONUS #2: RECORDED Question & Awareness sessions x 4 ($1,188 Value) "These are so helpful!"
  • COURSE BONUS #3: Having Money For Everything Class 2 hour recorded video class - download immediately.
    ($247 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #4:  Life Evaluation Class - Where are you now? You need to know what you've created so that you can out-create it all!
    ($247 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #5: Magic with Finances Class - Deep dive into working with your money, financials and out creating your reality!
    ($247 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #6: Daily Rituals - 8 Minute Magic - access to one possible daily practice to get you in to the energy magic every morning.
    ($19 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #7: Crazy Possible Alarms - set yourself up with physical reminders any time of the day.
    ($37 Value
  • COURSE BONUS #8: Private Community Facebook group for 24/7 contribution and support. PRICELESS for real!
    ($500 Value
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Private 1-on-1 Future Possibility session with our POTENT Crazy Possible Coach
    ---------- >       if you are one of the first 11 register before Friday
    ($250 Value)  
  • (Total Value: $6,292)  
Gain Immediate Access To:
  • Having Money For Everything Class
  •  Life Evaluation  
  • 8 Minute Magic - Daily Magic Practice 
  •  Crazy Possible Alarms
1 Time Investment
Save $191 USD
  • Full Course
  • $6700 in  Bonuses
  • 24/7 Support, inspiration
  • Future Possibility Session
Then 2 payments of $397 USD
  • Full Course
  • $6700 in  Bonuses
  • 24/7 Support, inspiration
  • Future Possibility Session
  • Full Course
  • $6700 in  Bonuses
  • 24/7 Support, inspiration
  • Future Possibility Session
🌟Only a few Future Possibility Sessions remain, when they are sold out🌟 
you won't see them listed here any longer.
$398 now, with 2 follow up payments of $398
  • Full 9 Module Course
  • 8 Live Group  Coaching Sessions
  • 9 Energy Activations
  • Watch Parties in 2 time zones
  • Community Support and Cheering YOU on!
    1-on-1 Private Future Possibility Session  ($250)
Full investment (Save $198)
Save $198
  • Full 9 Module Course
  • 8 Live Group  Coaching Sessions
  • 9 Energy Activations
  • Watch Parties in 2 time zones
  • Community Support and Cheering YOU on!
    1-on-1 Private Future Possibility Session  ($250)

Pricing is in USD.  For Country Pricing scroll to the bottom
Last day to enroll is May 5th, USA time
Now, with 7 follow up payments of $149
  • Full 9 Module Course
  • 8 Live Group  Coaching Sessions
  • 9 Energy Activations
  • Watch Parties in 2 time zones
  • Community Support and Cheering YOU on!
    1-on-1 Private Future Possibility Session  ($250)
Now, with 2 follow up payments of $398
  • Full 9 Module Course
  • 8 Live Group  Coaching Sessions
  • 9 Energy Activations
  • Watch Parties in 2 time zones
  • Community Support and Cheering YOU on!
    1-on-1 Private Future Possibility Session  ($250)
Full investment (Save $198)
Save $198
  • Full 9 Module Course
  • 8 Live Group  Coaching Sessions
  • 9 Energy Activations
  • Watch Parties in 2 time zones
  • Community Support and Cheering YOU on!
    1-on-1 Private Future Possibility Session  ($250)
Cory, when do we start???
Bonus Watch Parties Start in...
BONUS Watch Parties Begin
Sunday, April 28, 6pm US Pacific - Life Evaluation
Wednesday, May 1, 6pm US Pacific  - Congruence 2019

Module 1 - The Lie of Belonging begins on 
Sunday, May 5, 6pm US Pacific
There is still time to catch up!

Watch Parties are on:
USA:  Sunday & Wednesday US Pacific, 6pm
 Australia:  Monday & Thursday 11am and 7pm 
 Europe:  Monday & Thursday 10am

🌎 Global times view full timetable click here

*Last day to get into the course: Sunday, May 5th (USA time)

But what if...?????
We have your back in ways you wish your BFF in 6th grade did!
We support you the
entire course!
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Our target is for you to live your crazy possible life!
The  Art of Living Crazy Possible is proven to work so I’m extremely confident that if you do the work and follow the process, and hop onto your Future Possibility private session, ask questions in our private community, and jump on the live coaching sessions, you'll have amazing breakthroughs, you’ll discover your energetic priorities, and how to implement them into your life and I back that up with my risk-free guarantee. If for whatever reason you’re the rare person that does NOT make a notable change, email me within 90 days of your enrollment date and I’ll return every dime of your investment.
But be aware - if you go into this investment thinking you'll get your money back and not go through the process, you'll be setting yourself up to fail.  I'd like you to succeed!  So choose this fully, knowing that what you know IS Possible for you AND that we have your back!

So, would you like to create with us?
Let your magic flag fly and create your crazy possible life?!
1. Get Clear - end confusion about how YOU create!
2. Become Congruent - 'harmonious' with what you know is possible.
3. Receive EVERYTHING you ask for!  Stop denying yourself the abundance that is possible.
4. Have ease with your intuition.  End the self doubt battle.
5. Stop trying to change! Learn how to create faster, and start actualizing.
6. When congruent, your life just starts getting better.  There isn't a push or force, it already exists, you just begin to have those things you've been wanting with ease.
7. The NEED to fit in begins to disappear. Buh bye people pleasing and choosing for others!
8. You become more of you, ah yes!
9. Easier time choosing lightness!

Live from the space of being an 
💎 energetic creator 💎
When you are clear about the life you'd like to have, no BS, no DOUBT, any gap in your reality now can be bridged.
Bridge your gaps with us while you discover how YOU create, YOUR WAY!

And all of this is available to you, yes it is, all of it.

When you know HOW you can become congruent with any future you can imagine, what will that be like?
empowers you to eliminate confusion and have anything you desire actualize!
with ease... no kidding.
Cory Michelle
Creator of the Art of Living Crazy Possible Program
Backed by awareness, brilliance and super powers!
Energetic Priorities:
Money Magnet
Kelly Early - United Kingdom
Magical Super Power - Knowing the key question to ask to unlock possibilites
Kelly is pure magic!  She brings an extraordinary psychic capacity and ability to perceive the exact question to ask that unlocks lifetimes of limitations, inviting you into a new space of possibility.  Her sassy humor and insatiable curiosity makes you want to have her in your back pocket.

She continues to daily choose to go beyond the limits of this reality and live a life that works for her!  This magical unicorn will contribute to you in ways that will blow the lid off of your life, and launch you into the land of Crazy Possible!
Energetic Priorities:
Nurturing, Joy, 
Greater then I can imagine
Tracy Reifferscheid- Canada
Magical Super Power - Able to perceive energies and transmute them

Tracy is one of our rockstar Crazy Possible Coaches. She is amazing at helping people to discover their own gifts and talents that have been just lying there waiting for them to claim. Empowering people to create beyond what they ever thought possible is one of her biggest thrills in life and that's why she is such a great #ALCP coach.  She is mega intuitive and works with you on an energetic level.

Tracy is someone who you know has your back and is so much fun to hang with.  You are going to love her!

Energetic Priorities:
Freedom to be me
Magic with Money
Implicitly trusting me
Peace and Calm
Andy Pentecost-Beck - New Zealand
Magical Super Power - Can find the 1 question that will change everything for you

Andy is one of our badass Crazy Possible Coaches. She is a master at empowering people to put themselves first, trust in their intuition and awareness so they can create using the Universal principles of The Art of Living Crazy Possible. She has had a massive uplevel in her life and can support you in the same way.

When people work with Andy, they come away more confident in themselves and ready to take on a whole new way of living.Andy is also one of the most helpful and kind women you will ever meet.  You can't help but fall in love with Andy!

😍 What Graduates Are Saying 😍
Allow yourself to be inspired!
From Light Chaser to Global Leader
Honestly, I attended my first ALCP class just to hang out with Cory, I didn't expect my entire life to uplevel.  Since taking my first course, I have created a global brand using my unique brilliance with telepathy and non-verbal people.  I had 'thought' about it for years, but after this class it was clear that now is the time.  Getting clear on my priorities and what was stopping me was KEY to the changes in my world.  I am happy to announce that we just launched our 2nd Telepathy 101 class and I've been creating 3x the revenue I was before. -Delany, Australia
Click image to view
video testimonial
Click image to view
video testimonial
My life was my greatest limitation
I was the queen of coming up with reasons why not.  Why things would not work for me.  But I knew that more was possible, I just knew it.  After taking the ALCP class I realized that I had tons of evidence that NOTHING would ever work, so I kept creating it over and over.  Well, cleared that and now my business is expanding, I am creating classes, being a contribution to people like I always wanted to, stopped making myself wrong (thank goodness!) and I now KNOW I am magic.  What IS possible NOW??-Wendy Saw, Canada
Left my teaching job and created the business and life I wished for!
I knew that creating a business was what I wanted, but I was lost in choosing what could create it.  After the ALCP course, I can tap into the energies I'd like to have, ask for them, then I am aware of the choices that are congruent.  It's so magical and easy!  I Also moved across the country, have an amazing kind man in my life and live the VIP lifestyle, and I know it has all showed up because I choose it!  What else is possible now?  -Manjit Khalsa, Australia
Click image to view
video testimonial
New Life in just 5 months?!?!?!
Mandy began the Art of Living Crazy Possible in April of 2016.  She lived in a small town in Canada, making about $600 per month.  She dreamed of traveling, contributing to people but couldn't seem to change her life.  Now, 5 months later, she has left her small town, been traveling all around the US and attended many courses.  To top it off, she has made more money in 2 months than she did in the last 2 years.  How's that for Crazy Possible?
Everything is better now!
When I met Cory I did not want to live any longer, I didn't know where to turn.  After learning a little about Ask and Receive, then jumping into ALCP, I left my low paying job (that I was treated poorly at), got off of 4 medications, and I am actually happy!  It's truly a miracle.  So much has changed I don't remember it all!  - Tiffany Theen, Florida
Click image to view
video testimonial
Click image to view
video testimonial
Leaving everything created more!
I had a number of things in my life I was unsatisfied with and believed I was stuck.  Stressful job, a relationship that wasn't working.  Both were daily energy and happiness sucks.  After this class I took the leap, and left both!  It was a little scary, but I knew I couldn't choose unhappiness any longer.  Almost immediately, a new job popped up that is so much fun and allows me space, and I am really enjoying creating my life for me! -Kara, Illinois
From no money and abusive relationship to freedom!
When I took the ALCP, I had no where to turn.  I was in an abusive marriage with kids, I didnn't know what I could do to change it and was terrified of leaving.  It's crazy, when I got clear on the life I wanted to be living, possibilities came out of nowhere.  Long story short, I am now divorced, AND just hit one of my targets of having my very first $10,000 month!  I am the happiest I've ever been. -Jennifer C, Illinois
Click image to view
video testimonial
"I finally know what I'd like my life to be like!, it's amazing how different my choice are now."

"The section on bogus priorities blew my mind, I've been functioning from those."

"It's like the fog of doubt and fear has lifted!!!! Excited!"

"Just watching this training I just feel lighter, can't wait for the class!"

"I am 1000% yes to living crazy possible!"

"A lifetime of being wrong from not belong disappeared in 7 seconds, amazing!"

"Energy is the language of the universe gave me a HUGE awareness!"
In case We haven't met yet, I 'm Cory Michelle 🦄
I am an intuitive guide for brilliant, conscious-minded and wicked smart entrepreneurs to jump tracks and have quantum leaps to BEing the potent, magic future self, and create as the contribution and gift you came to be.

I've created a method to easily get you from where you are now, to living the inspiring life you are aware that is possible for you. The one you dream about.  There is no formula, or one sized fits all answer, what I facilitate is opening your unique super powers in creation so that you have it available for yourself, and create your life on demand.

Together we collapse time and space to actualize future realities now through energy, space, consciousness, and BEing.  

I am an intuitive, empath, wizard and love seeing my client's quantum leap into the reality that is awaiting your arrival.

My question to the universe is always, whose keys to I have that open the doors to the secrets to their univrse?  Allow them to find me.  
Are you one of them?
* Results vary depending on what you are willing to choose.  ALCP course gives you the tools to do it with greater ease and faster.
Frequently Asked Questions
"How are the video modules delivered?  Are they live?"
This course was recorded in August 2018 and is the freshest Art of Living Crazy Possible Content we have.
Modules delivered weekly in your member's area: Each module is delivered close to weekly (2 weeks have 3 delivered that week).

Accelerated learning model to enhance success:
   1 - You can view the video or audio modules on your own

   2 - View the recording with others during the watch parties (our clients LOVE these!)

All 9 Modules are video recordings, you can view in our membership area or download the audio and play at any time.  

Weekly on Saturdays, the module for the week will drop into your membership account, and you can view it.  

On Sunday nights/Mondays (depending on where you are in the world), you can join other participants and a Crazy Possible Coach to view the module LIVE in a Watch Party in the Private Facebook group.

Participants have reported that they LOVE this delivery because it gives them the choice of what works for them AND participating on the live viewings is helpful because you have a Crazy Possible Coach to answer any questions in the moment.   It also enables you to schedule the course in so that you actually do it. 

We have found that up to 80% of people buy online courses and never do them.  What's the point of that?  Here, we have included all the extras to enable you to actually go through the course and be set up to have massive transformation in your life.

Participants have reported that it is super helpful to feel they are a part of something and somehow it actually feels like the video is live.

With this Accelerated Learning Model, we get to deliver you an engaging experience with the best content we have! 

We have a higher rate of crazy possible happening due to our side-by-side vibe, you can be inspired by others, and be the one inspiring by engaging with our exclusive community.

Surround yourself with magical and brilliant friends all creating, that is part of activating your magic!

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Country Pricing
Due to currency differences globally, we have created a currency adjustment to account for currency differences in the world.

All classes charged in USD, so if your credit card charges fees for international purchases, you are responsible for those.

To use a currency adjustment code you must reside in that country.  If you register with a currency adjustment code and do not live in that country, you will be asked to pay the difference.  We hope you honor you and us and not choose this and create an awkward situation for both of us.

These are not discounts.  They are adjustments to allow currencies that are not as strong as the Euro and USD to participate.

If you have any questions about currency adjustment codes, please email us here

New Zealand, India (-30%) - ALCP630 comes to $699.30 USD
Canada & Australia (-20%) - ALCP620 comes to $799.20 USD
No Code for America, Japan, France, UK, Ireland

All pricing charged in USD
Some credit cards add a fee, you are responsible for any fees associated with your payment.
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"What if it doesn't work for me?"
What you really are asking, is, DO I REALLY WORK?
YES, friggin HECK YES!  You do.  This program invites you to go from where ever you are now to creating your crazy possible life.  
The question is, are you willing to start believing in you?  If you are, I, and our coaches can contribute through this program.

"Will this still work if my spouse is not on board?"
Well, if you do not allow anyone else to dictate what you create, yes, it can contribute to you infinitely!  If you allow your spouse to dictate what you create, well, that will be the extent of your reality. 
This course is about YOU choosing to be congruent with the life YOU'd like to create.  

"Who will be the Crazy Possible Coach of this program?"
Some magical badasses that's who!
These ladies have been highly trained in facilitating, are uber aware and potent and have been trained and selected by Cory Michelle as efficient in facilitating you in this program.

Live Coaching times
Live coaching bonanza!  These are the perfect time to gain clarification and address anything ( and I mean ANYTHING) that comes up during the course.  Our Crazy Possible Coaches are intuitive, and brilliant with facilitating you in having clarity for yourself.  There are 2 time zones we offer the 8 sessions so no matter where you are in the world you can tune in.  If you cannot be on a live coaching session, you can post a question for the coach to address in the Facebook group.  You will receive recordings of all the live coaching sessions.
Please see the Timetable for details here https://bit.ly/ALCP6

What does UnicornCEO mean?
Thanks for asking!  
UnicornCEO to me means that YOU are the magical being, the unicorn, the one who has been hiding your potency, hiding your magic, but has had it all along. 
C:  Chief - the one in charge! 
E:   Executive - the one who make the choices! 
O:  Officer - the one who has been chosen to be all of this (by you!).

So.... are you ready to live your Crazy Possible Life?
Join us for the upcoming course!
If you have any other questions, Click here to email our customer service magicians. Please be specific in your issue so they can get you the resolution quickly!
Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO™
Creator of The Art Of Living Crazy Possible®
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