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How to Upgrade Your Energetic BEing & 
Change Your Financial Reality.
I hadn't realized how much I was operating in fight or flight with money.  Now, I have so much more ease and calm energy around money.  I am excited about what is possible!!
- Dawn Hand, Colorado
30 Journal pPrompts & 5 Video Classes to Activate Your New Reality with Money!
Energetic creation and real life reinforcement to sustain the reality
with money you know is possible.
If you could leave your current financial reality behind and upgrade to a new one, more expansive, more spacious, free reality with money, would you?

Would you take 30 days to make it real?

This is your chance to play your way to your new reality!

Learn HOW to IDENTIFY the energies of your new reality
Tap into what ENERGY TO BE so you don't block yourself
STRENGTHEN the vibration of your NEW REALITY
RECEIVE what is AVAILABLE to you now

BE the YOU who has MONEY
with Money
JOY with Money
And whatever else YOU are aware of!

All through journaling and support through the 5 recorded classes.

Easy right??
I am now able to talk about money without fear or lack!  There is so much more peace and ease.  So grateful for the journal prompts and the classes!  - Wendy Plante, USA
What does it really take?
Struggle and frustration are symptoms... not problems to solve.
The problems, struggles and frustrations with money that get created are showing you one thing....

That another reality is available.

You see, stuggle, frustration, problems and issues are all symptoms of incongruency to what is available to you.
It's programing of this reality.
It's not unique, special or even naturally you.

Yes, really, what is currently available to you right now is so much more, and it's already in your field.

The heaviness, sadness and even the energy of lack and not enough, all just data.

Symptoms of a greater reality, awaiting for you to put more energy and attention into creating it.

This reality is backward.

We are taught to fix the problems, sulk, be ashamed, refuse abundance, not create without hard work, that spending is joyful...

And if you were lucky enough to have some contributory financial education, then you might be better off than most.

However, who taught you how to BE with money?

Did you learn how to craft your energetic reality with money, wealth, business or dare I say profit?

Likely, if you are here on this page, there might be a missing element in your world, one that could unlock the doorway to the finanical reality that is waiting for you.

Would you like to open that door, walk through to the other side and HAVE the reality that is awaiting you?

Ok, let's go! Scroll down and get enrolled, and you can start with the Plenty of Money Activation and Class #1:
In the Bin Day! Release everyone of your secret money limitations.


Can I assist you in having this reality for yourself...
in the next 30 days?

With magic, 
This 30-day play-venture helped me develop a new way of being with money and being with myself; kinder, more willing to receive, figuring out what does not work for me and letting go of what doesn't.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  - Nancy Blake, New Mexico
"Cory has this ability to guide me to see what is possible, then grab it. 
I feel like I get an upgrade every time I am live with her. 
Truly amazing!" Joanne J.
Be the YOU that has MONEY
Learn HOW to engage with the universe from the FUTURE
Learn what ENERGY TO BE so you don't block yourself
STRENGTHEN & ACTIVATE  your energy field so that
the universe can't help but deliver.

This class is includes:
 -  30 daily journal prompts 
- 5 90-minute recorded video classes
- Facebook group for support with TONS of support & engagement

POTENT Class topics
5  90-minute sessions
1. In the Bin Day!  Release everyone of your secret money limitations
2. Craft Energies of Your Financial Reality
3. How to make choices that Create new realities & engaging with the quantum field
4. Keeping the momentum going
5. BONUS SESSION: ask & receive with money

Daily Journal Prompts
Prompts for daily journaling to engage your energy field, your body, your reality, your future and consciousness allowing you to become the one who has a reality with money that works for you.
You'll be activating and engaging with all your senses, activating a spherical embodiment of the YOU who Has Money!
Including: Auditory, Body engagement, Home space, headspace, and many more.
Quite possibly the most fun part is what you'll receive by being a part of this money timeline hopping community where other people's ah-has, wins, questions will activate you on an even deeper level.  Have you ever noticed that when others begin to have it, it becomes even more real for you too???
So, play the I'll have it game and have everything that inspires you!

All in a special and private Facebook group full of unicorns just like you! 🦄
"Every time I work with Cory, I make money! "  - Jennifer C.
1 Single Payment 
$288 USD
$144 USD
2x monthly 
payment plan
$88 USD
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"30 days - damn woman, this is a gift!!!! 
I am so excited to upgrade, it's perfect timing for me!"  - Sarah, USA
If you feel this course is not for you within 3 days email us for a full refund.  I trust that you know, and if you fully participate, we can
upgrade your reality!

In case We haven't met yet, I 'm Cory Michelle 🦄
I am an intuitive guide for brilliant, conscious-minded and wicked smart entrepreneurs to jump tracks and have quantum leaps to BEing the potent, magic future self, and create as the contribution and gift you came to be.

I've created a method to easily get you from where you are now, to living the inspiring life you are aware that is possible for you. The one you dream about.  There is no formula, or one sized fits all answer, what I facilitate is opening your unique super powers in creatino so that you have it available for yourself, and create your life on demand.

Together we collapse time and space to actualize future realities now through energy, space, consciousness, and BEing.  

I am an intuitive, empath, wizard and love seeing my client's quantum leap into the reality that is awaiting your arrival.

My question to the universe is always, whose keys to I have that open the doors to the secrets to their univrse?  Allow them to find me.  
Are you one of them?
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To use a currency adjustment code you must reside in that country.  If you register with a currency code and do not live in that country, you will be asked to pay the difference.  We hope you honor you and us and not choose this and create an awkward situation for both of us.

These are not discounts.  They are adjustments to allow currencies that are not as strong as the Euro and USD to participate.

If you have any questions about currency adjustment codes, please email us below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the sessions recordings?
YES!  All 5 Sessions were  live and from March 2019
You will receive each video session as it comes about in the program.  The day you register, you'll receive access to the first video in your Member's area.  Video 2 will be delivered on day 8.  They are weekly following.

How are the prompts delivered?
They are delivered daily through email.  You'll receive the prompt, then a link to the image in our Facebook group that has hundreds of comments from others which will contribute to you as well.

How will we clear energetic patterns?
You will be asked to engage with some deep questions and awareness’s, and energies of limitation might be present for you. We will be using an active simple process to acknowledge, identify and eliminate those energetic patterns and frequencies in your system and YOUR CHOICE to let them go. 
 You’ll see how this works in a video in the membership area

What if it doesn't work for me?
What you really are asking, is, DO I REALLY WORK?
YES, friggin' HECK YES!  You do.  
This program invites you to go from where ever you are now to creating your crazy possible life.  
The question is, are you willing to start believing in you?  If you are, I can contribute.

Will I make more money?
We cannot predict what you create.  This course is a group training that allows you to engage with your future different than you have been.  Ultimately you are responsible for what you create.   We do our best to support you in the items we teach.  We do not do anything for you.

Will this still work if my spouse is not on board?
Well, if you allow anyone else to dictate what you create, yes.  In fact, that can be your reality. 
However, this course is about YOU choosing to acknowledge and become congruent with the life YOU'd like to create.  

What does UnicornCEO mean?
Thanks for asking!  
UnicornCEO to me means that YOU are the magical being, the unicorn, the one who has been hiding your potency, hiding your magic, but has had it all along. 
C:  Chief - the one in charge! 
E:   Executive - the one who make the choices! 
O:  Officer - the one who has been chosen to be all of this (by you!).

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