Who are you without your past?
Living without reference points
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Your greatest potency is not in your head, it's in your frequency.

Who are you without your past?
Living without reference points
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Your greatest potency is not in your head, it's in your frequency.
Your past is not who you are
And is the biggest detriment AND inspiration for creating your future.  In this activation we will address the realness of living without reference points to your past, stories, limitations issues, and what is required to step into the new you, the one that can easily leave things in the past.

This might sound woo-woo or airy-fairy, but it is actually pragmatic. Let me show you how to pivot your energy so that you emit the energy and frequency that allows the universe to rearrange and you to step into a new reality.

 In this live stream we will explore energies as priorities, how not having them creates unclarity, and how to adjust so that you can begin receiving everything you desire.

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#1 Identify Gaps
Identify and eliminate invisible (or visible) blocks between what is in your life now and where you'd like to be this year, even if it seems impossible.
#2 Gain Clarity
End confusion! Most people who are frustrated in some area of their life simply lack clarity. You'll discover a whole different way to tap into your future from energy and frequency. (you know, the language of the universe!) 
#3 Ignite Creations
I'll share the missing link, without this you're kept from having quantum leaps on demand. This is the thing that every successful person knows and implements into their life.
Join me for a step-by-step walkthrough in what is required to be energetically congruent with
everything you desire in your life.
Why is being energetically congruent so important?

It's when you harmonize your energy and your choices with the future you'd like to have, the one that is awaiting your arrival.

Why is it that some people create these amazing lives so easily?
While others even though they're following all the guru's rules and formulas just can't get out of first gear.

My clients have been able to not only get out of first gear but begin to function  entirely differently, which has allowed them clarity in creating their life, ease in actualizing what they desire, and most importantly, increasing the joy and ease in knowing they can create anything at any time.

Are you ready to end living with gaps that just leave you frustrated, and activate your natural creation capacities? 

Click above and I'll walk you through a unique VIP video session and let's see what is possible for you!
Hi, in case we haven't met, I am Cory Michelle 😍
Have you done all the 'work', healings, classes, meditations and mantras but still experience a GAP between where you are right now in your life and what you know in your heart is truly possible?

Well, you have found your guide! My specialty is working with curious, conscious-minded brilliant people (most are entrepreneurs), in bridging gaps so that you can truly live in their brilliance with the magic they know is possible.

If you are like my best clients, you've been working the LOA, done all the things, even spent hours on clearings and likely thousands on classes and sessions and are still left frustrated with gaps.

With brilliant people like you, we ramp up your awareness, get you in tune with the life you truly are meant to live, harmonize your energy field and choices so that the universe can actually receive the message loud and clear on what you are ready to receive.

This is my zone of genius. This is where I thrive in creating massive life changes with my clients not just in what shows up, but the core of how they function totally changes to match their future self now.  

I've created a process to quickly get you from where you are now, to living the inspiring life you're aware is possible for you. The one you dream about.

Together we collapse time and space to actualize future realities now through energy, space, consciousness, and BEing.  

I look forward to getting to know you and seeing you soar!
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