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3-Day Retreat
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WOuld you like to actualize everything
you ask for?
But what you know is possible isn't showing up fast enough?
Hello brilliant unicorn!
Awareness of what is possible for can be daunting, when it's not showing up fast enough.  Whether it's a gap in business creation, money flows, relationship desires, or consciousness, it can seem like maybe it's not possible.

As someone who has big vision, I know how it is to feel stuck, blocked, stagnant or be doing everything 'right' and not seeing the results actualize fast enough. 

I Was there, struggling with a vision of making a difference in the world and the gap of being $150,000 in debt.  The solution to this or any gap is not more work, being hard on yourself or forcing things.

I've assisted hundreds of brilliant, magical people in their journey to awaken and activate their inner knowing of HOW to create their lives beyond their imagination....their crazy possible lives, with ease!

My program doesn't include a formula for you to follow, but a process to guide you though gaining your own awarenesses of how you uniquely create, such that you can create anything at any time.

No more hoping and wishing for things to show up or change, you can have the awareness for yourself and ongoing tools to out-create any situation in your life.

I am excited to share with you 
Art of Living Crazy Possible Retreat
Where you'll discover:
  •  What is at the source of those invisible walls that don't seem to go away, and how to dissolve them
  •  Resolve what is causing your inner conflict
  •  Get freaking clear!!! About the energies of your future
  •  Step into your future self, and allow the universe to start creating for you
  •  Leave with clarity and how to implement your new vibration into your life
The Art of Living Crazy Possible is for
  •  Brilliant people who know magical living is possible
  •  Know they are here to live more than a normal life
  •  Have done tons of personal healing and growth work, but still have a gap in knowing how you create
  •  Simply know more is possible and you want it now!
You'll discover exactly how to become congruent with anything you desire!

Learn how YOU uniquely create with the universe so you can create anything at any time.

Rise above self sabotage and step into being your future self.

Together we create an unforgettable, magical experience where you will never be the same.
Where you can get clear, become congruent and
receive everything you ask for!
You'll see below real changes below, what is possible for you?
Where you can get clear, become congruent and
receive everything you ask for!
You'll see below real changes below, what is possible for you?
From $0 income to $10k,
I hit my target!
Jennifer, Wisconson
Everything started working like magic!
Delaney, Australia
I learned to trust myself
& everything changed!
Tiffany, Florida
This course is unique in that you'll be guided through a customized process for unicorns that untangles you from the lies of this reality.  Where you were taught not to be you.  This "UnSchooling" allows you to see what is true for you and HOW you create in your way.  
We cannot predict how your life will change, but YOU being you that is 
Clear about what you'd like your life to be like and energetically congruent with it, you can create anything. This congruency is your beacon to the universe that allows everything you ask for to show up with ease.
I wonder what you will create?!
Cory Michelle
YOU, Unicorn!
Only 4 offered per year: Up next, Maui, Hawaii!

November 9-11
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Pricing does not include lodging or meals.
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November 9-11
Space filling up!
Reserve your spot ASAP!
Pricing does not include lodging or meals.
What participants are saying
😍 What participants are saying 😍
"I finally know what I'd like my life to be like!, it's amazing how different my choice are now."

"The section on bogus priorities blew my mind, I've been functioning from those."

"It's like the fog of doubt and fear has lifted!!!! Excited!"

"Just watching this training I just feel lighter, can't wait for the class!"

"I am 1000% yes to living crazy possible!"

"A lifetime of being wrong from not belong disappeared in 7 seconds, amazing!"

"Energy is the language of the universe gave me a HUGE awareness!"
Looks good - what are the days like?
Energetic Clearing Day
Changing Your Energetic Blueprint
  • Unlock: the lie of belonging (aka doubt)
  • Clear the addiction to having your past tarnish your creations
  • Learn how to eliminate inner conflict
Gaining Clarity
On the Future You'd Like to Create
  • Choose your energetic priorities
  • Be & Expand YOUR communication system with the Universe
  • Discover targets that light you up and that you actually hit
Crazy Possible
Creation Day
The Unicorn's Way
  • Activate Ask & Receiving Living - daily
  • Discover how you can consciously create your life in any situation - even the tough times
  • Integration of the key elements that let the Universe know you are having it!
 Art of Living Crazy Possible 3-Day Course
3 days of live facilitation with Cory Michelle
  - Audio Recordings included
  - Unicorn Playbook for Living Crazy Possible included
😍 Plus Extras, we love giving extras! 😍
  • COURSE BONUS #1:  Having Money For Everything Class 2-hour recorded video class   ($247 Value) {Instant Download} 
  •  COURSE BONUS #2: Life Evaluation Class - Where are you now? You need to know what you've created so that you can out-create it all!   ($247 Value) {Instant Download} 
  •  COURSE BONUS #3: Magic with Finances Class - Deep dive into working with your money, financials and out creating your reality! ($247 Value)  {Pre-recorded video delivered after the course.}
  •  COURSE BONUS #4: Daily Ritual: 8 Minute Magic - access to one possible daily practice to get you into the energy magic every morning.   ($19 Value)
  •  COURSE BONUS #5: Crazy Possible Alarms - set yourself up with physical reminders.
  • ($37 Value)
  •  COURSE BONUS #6: Private Community Facebook group for 24/7 contribution and support. (PRICELESS)
  • COURSE BONUS #7: Follow up LIVE Questions and Awareness Session via Zoom after the course. ($247 Value)
 Bonuses total over $1000!
Plus Extras... we love giving extras!
When you register, you can begin your Crazy Possible journey with immediate access to:
  •  Having Money For Everything Class
  •  Life Evaluation
  •  8 Minute Magic - Daily Magic Practice
  •  Crazy Possible Alarms to remind yourself of what YOU are creating!
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Is this what you've been asking for?
1.  Getting Clear
2. Become Congruent
3. Receive EVERYTHING you ask for!
4. Have more ease with your intuition
5. Stop trying to change, and create faster.
6. When congruent, your life just starts getting better.
7. The NEED to fit in begins to disappear.
8. You become more of you
9. Easier time choosing lightness
10.  STOP focusing on clearing and start CREATING!
Sounds amazing right?
When you are clear about the life you'd like to have, no BS, no DOUBT, any gap in your reality now can be bridged.
Bridge your gaps with us while you discover how YOU create, YOUR WAY!
empowers you to eliminate confusion and have anything you desire actualize!
with ease... no kidding.
Cory Michelle, CF
Creator, Crazy Possible Movement
What are these elements all about?
A 9 element process that empowers you to create your new life.
All 9 Elements are covered during your 3 days that uncover what you'd truly like your life to be like, ditching the rest, and putting into place actionable tools to take home with you and use immediately.

Participants have reported that this course is no-fluff and pure magic.  
How did this course become created?
This course is designed to open up more consciousness in your world about how you actually create, and awareness of what you know and the freedom to create anything at any time.

I am not a Guru, this course is a combination of my personal awarenesses from changing my entire life, going from $150,000 debt, struggle and poverty consciousness, to having ease with money, creation and joy of living.  I have taken countless programs, read a godzillion books, had healings and cleared a bajillion things.  And realized that what create the most for me was stepping into BEing the one who chooses to create what I become aware of that is possible.  When I began teaching people what I was doing, it was amazing to see them have similar results.  Clarity, congruency, harmony in their true self, and their lives naturally became better, more fulfilling and problems began to disappear.  Lives they dreamed up began appearing, organically and naturally.  
As if that life was awaiting them.

This course is not about fixing anything, not about changing your current life.  It's also not about clearing til the cows come home.  It's pragmatic, to the point and we leave drama/trauma and stories at the door and invite you to BE the one who has everything actualize.

Studying about consciousness, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, metaphysical and traditional life creation tactics, I realized that how each person creates is unique, the unvierse is our delivery system, but when a being becomes congruent with what they came to be, the universe delivers a life beyond imagination.

I facilitate you having that, like a guide, opening up doorways, and you get to walk through.

I am psychic, a healer, and a human lie detector (don't be afraid, it makes me really good at finding the lies you tell yourself!).  

This course is great for people who have done their internal work and would like to activate the magic of creation and end the struggle of actualizing possibilities.

We use a variety of universal principals, your awareness, quantum physics and other creation tools to step into creating your future.   I believe that NOW is the time for us Unicorns to create new realities.  This means that lack, poverty thinking and being is no longer a place anyone has to be.  

At this time, we have access to creating ANYTHING, the questions are:
 - Is now the time for you?
 - What magic and gifts do you have to bring to the planet?
 - Are you willing to be the brilliance you truly be?
Countdown until  Art of Living Crazy Possible
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Be with us LIVE anywhere in the world!
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What Graduates Are Saying
Allow yourself to be inspired!
😍 What Graduates Are Saying 😍
Allow yourself to be inspired!
Left my teaching job and created the business and life I wished for!
Click image to view
video testimonial
Click image to view
video testimonial
From why not to what IS possible!
From Light Chaser to Global Leader
Click image to view
video testimonial
Cory, I have to share with you, I didn't think this course would create any changes for me. Nothing ever did before. I was really looking to blame you for not delivering.
But I happily have to report I was totally wrong!

Turns out, I am a magical creator! I work and I can create! 

 This is the biggest gift anyone could have given me. So much gratitude for ALCP. 
- Ellen, Norway
When I began ALCP, I had a pretty good life. Money was good, my marriage is good... but good was getting BORING. It's been 7 months now, and wow. I am having so much fun, my life went from boring good, to fun and exciting!  
- Marissa, California
I said YES to me when I got the awareness that this course is what I was asking for.  No more waiting, which was my old pattern, I just said yes! - Simone Jeffers, Australia
All I have to say to whomever is reading this, if you are reading this, just ask yourself, if I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?

If you get a light, or expanded feeling, CHOOSE IT, you are in for your #newlife baby! 
- Frank Fradella, Global Citizen
New Life in just 5 months?!?!?!
Mandy began the Art of Living Crazy Possible in April of 2016.  She lived in a small town in Canada, making about $600 per month.  She dreamed of traveling, contributing to people but couldn't seem to change her life.  Now, 5 months later, she has left her small town, been traveling all around the US and attended many courses.  To top it off, she has made more money in 2 months than she did in the last 2 years.  How's that for Crazy Possible?
Everything is better now!
Click image to view
video testimonial
Click image to view
video testimonial
Leaving everything created more!
From no money and abusive relationship to freedom!
Click image to view
video testimonial
Crazy Possible life coach Cory Michelle ignites the spark within igniting the energies of the future to actualize in your life now. Any block or limitation is eliminated with simple and pragmatic tools and awareness that unhook from the root. So instead of spending years of clearing issues, you can move into creating your crazy possible life.

Living an average life isn’t inspiring any more, people are desiring to have more of what makes them happy, but they don’t know how to do it, Cory Michelle assists you in knowing your unique creation process so that you have access to it over and over again. Magical living doesn't have to be a mystery any longer!

Cory Michelle, international unicorn magical life coach offers a unique flavor of empowerment. Instead of providing a formula or steps, she empowers her clients to tap into their awareness, to trust their gut, to take actions that inspire the life they have dreamed about.  
She shows them how to change their life in easy, simple and fun ways, that actually work.
* Results vary depending on what you are willing to choose.  ALCP course gives you the tools to do it with greater ease and faster.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I join via video or audio?
At this time most of the retreats are live in person only.  
If you are seeking an online possibility, please click here 

How will we clear energetic patterns?
In this course we will empower your choice to let any and all energetic patterns, stories and limitations go.  Choice is your trump card, and we will show you a way to create that allows you to come out of the spin of clearing all the time, and into creating what you desire.   No more years of emotional processing to move beyond energetic blocks holding you back.

What if it doesn't work for me?
What you really are asking, is, DO I REALLY WORK?
YES, friggin HECK YES!  You do.  This program invites you to go from whereever you are now to creating your crazy possible life.  
The question is, are you willing to start believing in you?  If you are, I can contribute.

What if I can't make it to a class live?
For the retreats, it is discouraged to miss any part of the weekend.
Each segment builds on the one before and if you miss a part, you'll be lost.
So please arrange to be present for the entire 3 days, you won't regret it!

Will this still work if my spouse is not on board?
Well, if you do not allow anyone else to dictate what you create, yes.  In fact that can be your reality.  However this course is about YOU choosing to be congruent with the life YOU'd like to create.  

Do you offer partner discounts?
I consider each person a whole person and they require registration individually. 
Partner discounts are not available.

Is rooming included?
$997 is the price of the course.  It does not include rooming.  We recomend hotels nearby or Airbnb.
On the Facebook Event Page you can connect with others for roomies.

What does UnicornCEO mean?
Thanks for asking!  
UnicornCEO to me means that YOU are the magical being, the unicorn, the one who has been hiding your potency, hiding your magic, but has had it all along. 
C:  Chief - the one in charge! 
E:   Executive - the one who make the choices! 
O:  Officer - the one who has been chosen to be all of this (by you!).

What's after ALCP?
The advanced course to ALCP is Being the UnicornCEO of Your Reality, a 4 day infusion of your new vibration into your reality.  Crafting your being, choices, your finances to be contruent with your vision of your future.
Upcoming Course information here - 
Maui - Nov 13-16

Click here to email our customer service magicians. Please be specific in your issue so they can get you the resolution quickly!
If you have any questions if this is for you, please message us HERE.
WIth magic,
Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
Creator of The Art Of Living Crazy Possible®
Are you ready to start living your Crazy Possible Life?

November 9-11
Space filling up!
Reserve your spot ASAP!
Are you ready to start living your Crazy Possible Life?

November 9-11
Space filling up!
Reserve your spot ASAP!
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